The Urban Heat Island Effect: A Looming Threat

More people are living in cities than ever before. To meet the demands of growing populations, cities are also pouring more dark paving and developing more of our natural landscape than ever before. These conditions are a perfect storm for what is known as “urban heat island effect.” Read more

Tiny Homes: Paying the Cost for Surface Area Loss

One could argue that the first tiny home was that of Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond. Thoreau built this home as an “experiment in simplicity,” that is, to live by the most basic means and take in all that life has to offer. This sentiment reappeared in the 80’s through the mid-2000’s as literature and, as a result, design-build companies began to pop up. Tiny homes as a viable alternative to the “traditional home” officially became cemented as a trend in late 2008-2009, coinciding with the housing crisis. But if they’re meant to be affordable alternatives for builders and prospective homeowners alike, why are they so expensive? Read more