Filling the Health & Wellness Gap With Gold

The Japanese art of Kintsugi highlights flaws by repairing cracks with gold.

When an item is broken or flawed, the American culture is to buy a new one! Fix it quickly! Find the cure! It is rare to take the time to reflect and think…what caused the issue?

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A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Rebecca Ramsdale is a Project Manager at Verdical Group. She is a TRUE Zero Waste Advisor and LEED AP BD+C and serves as the USGBC-Long Beach Vice-Chair and a member of the LF-LA Steering Committee.

I’m not a fan of taking out the trash—and who is? It’s smelly, grungy, and wasteful. My disposal method includes a harmonized, squeamish routine of plugging my nose, lifting the dumpster lid with my pinky finger, and “throwing it away.”

“Away”… where is “away”…?

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