Sustainable Event Planning: Disrupting the Norm

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Anna Yung is Verdical Group’s Marketing & Events Intern. She holds a BA in Economics and a Minor in Urban & Environmental Policy from Occidental College.

When Verdical Group was founded back in 2012, the firm’s primary focus was to provide green building consulting. As our team’s expanded and our collective knowledge and experience grew, we began hosting small events to share our expertise with clients and local sustainability professionals.

In 2014, Verdical Group’s Founder, Drew Shula, planned a small event to support industry, policymakers, and educators in the transition to a net zero future. The Verdical Group team was stunned when nearly two hundred showed up — it was clear that there was immense interest, and a lack of general knowledge, about this emerging trend. Today, many cities and states have mandates for net zero new construction and our Net Zero Conference is the world’s largest net zero building conference and expo with programming focusing on climate, carbon, energy, water, waste, and transit. 

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8 Takeaways from the Net Zero Conference & Expo

The revolving digital signage on the LACC exterior of the conference during the Net Zero Conference. (Photo by Ling Luo)

At our 6th annual Net Zero Conference, hosted on October 2-4, 2019, we welcomed 100 exhibitors, 108 speakers, and 1,200 attendees from 8 countries and 38 states to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Keynotes from Ed Mazria (Founder & CEO, Architecture2030), Amanda Sturgeon (CEO, International Living Future Institute), and Terry Tamminen (Founder & President, Seventh Generation Advisors) provided powerful insights into green building, net zero design, and sustainability policy. Here’s what our team hopes attendees took away from the event:

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Verdical Group’s Impact Metrics: One Year Later

Even if a goal may seem long-term or vague, motivation is more easily maintained when tangible, solid numbers can quantify your efforts.  Metrics help our team at Verdical Group see the bigger picture, and they demonstrate that the time and effort necessary to build structures to the highest sustainable design standards can guarantee environmental and financial benefits for decades to come.  Our Verdical Group Impact Metrics show just how big those benefits can be — particularly when you look holistically at our many completed and ongoing projects.  Metrics like these are integral to the broader sustainability movement. Read more

Verdical Group’s Biggest Net Zero Conference Yet!

The time has come for Verdical Group’s 5th annual Net Zero Conference! Join our team, along with USGBC National, ILFI (International Living Future Institute), and other major players in the net zero realm for three days of workshops, tours, and sessions with the world’s foremost thought leaders. Read more

Getting the Gold in Green

Harbor UCLA Medical Center is a 570 bed teaching facility that serves the 700,000 people of the South Bay. The medical center has begun the process of overhauling its master plan in an attempt to improve overall performance. And with the 2028 Olympic games on the horizon — the facility will act as the health center for the 2028 Olympics — the medical center has decided to expedite this process.

RBB architects will be teaming up with your friendly neighborhood Verdical Group to tackle this undertaking. As part of the update, UCLA’s medical center is seeking to obtain certification in LEED v4 and Envision v3. Principles from SITES and WELL will be incorporated into the design, but certification for these will not be pursued.  Each of these certifications and considerations will offer various benefits to the hospital’s performance, preparing it for the games and long after.

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Green Building [event] Consultants?

As part of our natural evolution as a firm, we’ve been leading the charge to build connection within the green building industry.  Our passion and purpose have driven us to produce the nation’s largest net zero building conference for five years running and, while we never initially set out to be in the business of events, it has become a large part of what we do based on our corporate principles and, frankly, sheer demand.  Since 2014, the Net Zero Conferences have been our cathartic passion project towards connecting, educating, and inspiring an industry towards a purpose – to create a healthier, greener, cleaner built environment.  Maybe it’s because we’re a certified B Corporation that we feel compelled to do this – or maybe it’s why we’re a B Corp. Read more

Our Built Environment Filled With Net Zeros: Energy, Water, and Waste

Photo credit: JE Dunn

Building Within the Site

Before jumping into all of the numerous ‘Net Zero’ definitions that exist for one simple idea, lets go back in time briefly to examine how efficient home design has influenced one aspect of this famous buzzword today. Germany (with the help of Lund University in Sweden) was first to coin the design for an ultra energy-efficient home—the “Passivhaus.” The idea, still relevant today for all net zero energy structures, is to build a home or building in such a way so that the need for artificial heating and cooling is severely reduced. But how does a builder accomplish this? Read more