September 28, 2020 admin

NZ20 “Amplifying Black Voices” Panel Talks Race, Equality & Change in the Building Industry

Why is diversity such a problem in our industry, and what can we do to change that moving forward?

At this year’s Net Zero Conference, we welcomed Black leaders in the green building community to help answer that question by sharing their stories, successes, challenges, mentors, and more.

The September 16 panel was one of our highest-attended sessions at NZ20. Titled “Amplifying Black Voices: Tackling Our Industry’s Lack of Diversity,” the panel featured Kimberly Lewis (Senior Vice President Market Transformation & Development, U.S. Green Building Council), Edward Faustin (Co-Founder, Head of Strategy and Operations, AreaProbe), Jarami Bond (Founder, Bond Studio), Jasmine Lomax (Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Kilroy Realty Corporation), and Johann Wilson (5th Year Architecture Student, University of Oregon / Architectural Intern, DLR Group).

The group discussed their career pathways at a macro scale, identifying challenges they have faced along the way and suggesting solutions at both the personal and organizational levels. We encourage you to watch the full session recording below.