August 25, 2020 admin

The ABCs of ZNE Workshop

The journey to a zero net energy (ZNE) future starts with renovating the current paradigm of building design. Much like an existing building getting an energy efficiency retrofit, the way buildings are designed today needs a retrofit in thinking so new projects meet the challenges of the global climate crisis.

This workshop dived into the methodology, perspective, technology, and future forecasting of ZNE buildings. Beginning with the definition of ZNE and an analysis of the grid, attendees heard multiple perspectives from across the energy world and learned how to apply it to your work.

After establishing a foundational understanding of ZNE, we examined the strategy and tactics to achieve ZNE. Following instruction on how to retrofit a building design, we discussed the future of ZNE, examining the social and economic forces driving the growth of ZNE buildings. Ultimately, attendees left equipped with an understanding of the ramifications ZNE buildings have on our communities.

Thank you to SoCalGas for its contribution in the development of this workshop.


Watch the recording below.