May 5, 2020 admin

VG Founder Talks COVID-19 Impacts with Environment + Energy Leader

Verdical Group’s Founder & Principal Drew Shula was recently quoted in Environment + Energy Leader’s feature dissecting the ways in which COVID-19 is affecting environmental and energy management initiatives.

Speaking about our clients’ goals, Shula said, “Since the onset of the covid-19 crisis, our building projects have mostly continued to move forward. Our projects typically have two- to four-year schedules and since the coronavirus is generally viewed as a relatively short term crisis, most owners have opted to stick it out and continue on as scheduled…

There’s nothing more vital to economics than business continuity. To this end, I think we’re going to see a surge in resiliency planning for buildings and cities related to disaster preparedness. Whether faced with our current pandemic, or a future technological or climatic disaster, businesses want to be prepared for worst-case scenario possibilities. Resilient green buildings are more durable, and net zero buildings are capable of islanding and functioning independent of the grid, generating their own energy and water on site.

Our clients are using third party green building certification programs for buildings like LEED and Living Building Challenge to document environmental performance for project elements including energy efficiency, water efficiency, renewable energy production, biomimetic (nature-inspired) design, and the use of healthy materials. As the building industry reacts to COVID-19, I think we’ll see continued growth in the wellness space to build spaces that are as healthy as possible for building occupants.”

You can read the full article here.