April 7, 2020 admin

VG Team Talks Materials Transparency with BuildingGreen

Verdical Group’s Founder Drew Shula and Project Managers Rebecca Ramsdale and Ritika Dhamija recently spoke with BuildingGreen‘s Paula Melton about how LEED is working to “change the product market” through credits in the Materials & Resources category and the Low-Emitting Materials credit.

Shula spoke to the effectiveness of LEED v4.1 beta in disrupting the market, noting that “The big manufacturers out there in the building market all have [documentation] now; they are competing against one another.”

That being said, Ramsdale added that it’s still important to confirm a product indeed meets all of the requirements outlined in the LEED reference guide: “Sometimes you’ll see on the manufacturer’s website a claim that products will be able to achieve different credits and prerequisites. When you actually look at the documentation, they may not be meeting that LEED credit.”

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