ANEW and Verdical Group: Partnering to Do What’s Right With What’s Left

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ANEW has bolstered non-profit organizations and transformed lives since 2005, doing so with a number of corporate client partners. Since 2014 ANEW has worked closely with Verdical Group, a full service green building consulting firm based in Los Angeles. Verdical Group provides ANEW with project management and LEED services nationally, covering projects that range in size from a few chairs and desks delivered to a local non-profit, to multi-phase multi-million pound diversion projects that span more than two years. Read more

ANEW National Project Management


  • Project Management

Location: Nationwide
Client/Owner: ANEW
Years: 2014—2017

Verdical Group provided Program Management for ANEW, a nonprofit organization that’s “doing what’s right with what’s left” by reselling, recycling, and repurposing furniture, fixtures, and equipment and stewarding them to charities, non-profits, public agencies, and underserved communities.