Building Commissioning Continued: CALGreen, Title 24, and LEED v4

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The commissioning (Cx) activities required for your project will vary depending on the certifying or regulatory agency. Most, if not all types of commissioning will require: Cx Specs, a Cx Plan, a review of the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and the engineer’s Basis of Design (BOD), and verification of proper installation and performance of commissioned systems such as HVAC, lighting controls, and renewable energy. CALGreen goes a bit beyond LEED v4 Fundamental Commissioning by requiring irrigation system commissioning, a systems manual, and training for the building engineer. Title 24 goes even further by requiring design review and site built fenestration (windows built or assembled on-site) commissioning. If project teams wish to achieve the extra points in LEED v4 by pursuing Enhanced Commissioning, the Commissioning Agent (CxA) will have to include a post-occupancy review and either envelop commissioning (option 1) or a Measurement and Verification (M&V) plan (option 2).
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Building Commissioning 101

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What is Cx?

Commissioning, also referred to as “Cx,” is the continual process during planning, design, construction, and building operation that aims to make sure quality is up to par and the design is meeting its expectations. There are various types of commissioning—Cx is for new buildings, Retro-Cx is commissioning an existing building for the first time, MBCx is measurement based commissioning, and Re-Cx is commissioning an existing building for a second time. So, why should a project complete commissioning? Read more