LEED v4: Upgraded, Redefined & Ready for Adoption

Photo credit: USGBC

The last day to officially register a project under the LEED v2009 rating system is on October 31st, 2016. That means projects failing to register before Halloween will have to sign up for LEED v4 by default. (If your project is already registered under LEED v2009, do not fear—you have until June 2021 to submit for certification under this rating system). So, what can we expect from LEED v4 that has some critics clearly spooked? Is it really all that scary? Keep reading below to find out more about the soon-to-be normal for USGBC’s LEED rating system. Read more

California: Pushed to the Forefront in Sustainability

Photo credit: CA.gov & Damon Winter

Why is California so sustainable? Well, necessity really.

At first glance, California is the second largest greenhouse gas emitter in the country, with a whopping 353 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted in 2013 based on EIA reports. Taking a closer look at the per capita emissions, however, we can see that California is actually one of the lowest emitters of carbon dioxide, with only 9.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide per person compared to the national average of 16.7 metric tons per person. Interesting? In fact, according to state statistics California is 48th in the nation in per capital energy consumption, 2nd in net renewables, and 1st in solar and geothermal. California is leading the way in terms of energy efficiency and clean energy. Read more

Building Commissioning 101

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What is Cx?

Commissioning, also referred to as “Cx,” is the continual process during planning, design, construction, and building operation that aims to make sure quality is up to par and the design is meeting its expectations. There are various types of commissioning—Cx is for new buildings, Retro-Cx is commissioning an existing building for the first time, MBCx is measurement based commissioning, and Re-Cx is commissioning an existing building for a second time. So, why should a project complete commissioning? Read more

Calabasas Senior Center


  • LEED (NC v2.2 Equivalency)

Location: Calabasas, CA
Area: 12,000 square feet
Client: Pankow
Owner: City of Calabasas, California
Building Type: Healthcare